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About Manga Classics

Manga Classics:  The finest name in adaptations of beloved classic literature!

Manga Classics are faithful adaptations of classic literature created by artists who have a genuine passion for the story they have produced. In the back of each copy of Manga Classics, you get their insights and feelings about the development for every character.

The market for manga (Japanese comics) has exploded in North America over the past few years. There is a greater awareness of manga amongst retailers, readers, and educators than ever before. Librarians are reporting that manga titles are generating record levels of circulation - more than any other category in the library. Not only does the manga format create a greater appeal of classic literature for a new generation but it also provides context making the story even more accessible. By bringing a manga approach to these iconic stories, Manga Classics is introducing a whole new generation to the joys of classic literature!


Crystal S. Chan

Les Miserables | Scarlet Letter | Emma | Great Expectation

She is the chief adapter of the Manga Classics. She is an award-winning author and television screen play writer. She holds a degree in language and literature. Crystal is a huge fan of authors such as J. K. Rowling and she is equally passionate about Sailor Moon. Her passion for classic literature combined with her love of the comics medium allows her to strike a solid balance between preserving the depth of the original content while adapting the language for a younger generation.

M. Chandler

She is our current series editor.  She has spent her entire life reading everything that falls into her hands, from the great works of literature all the way down to the lists of ingredients on cereal boxes. When she isn't proof-reading manga scripts, she particularly enjoys mystery novels, video games, and comics from around the world.

Stacy King

Pride and Prejudice | Sense and Sensibility |

She is the former editor for Manga Classics. In addition to her editorial duties, she has also written adaptations for Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility along with creating the English-language scripts for other books in the line. She holds an Honors B.A. from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in English Literature. When not immersed in a book, she enjoys historical costuming and obsessing about cats.

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Kuma Chan

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

He is veteran of the manga industry whose works include a manga series for TV’s Power Rangers.  With over 13 years of work in comics, Kuma is well known for his specialties with drawing girls, robots, and monsters.  When he is not drawing manga, (which is nearly all the time!) he enjoys reading novels. His nickname “Kuma” actually means bear in Japanese.  Kuma says he chose his pen-name because his body shape resembles that of a bear.   

Julien Choy

The Jungle Book | Romeo and Juliet

He has been working in the comic, animation and video game industries for more two decades. His works include the manga version of SNK’s The King of Fighters, and CAPCOM’s Street Fighter. Julien is a multi-talented creator who has mastered a wide range of art styles. While he is widely known for his main-stream work, his passion lies with themes of inspiration, parenting, and the environment.  He tried makes a special effort to share his positive attitudes with his readers.

Po Tse

Pride and Prejudice | Emma | Sense and Sensibility

He is a veteran in the comic-activists community. His uncanny talent of drawing authentic shojo style as a male artist has made him a rare breed among his peers. Also known as Lemon Po to his followers and friends, Po’s drawing style is inspired by classic manga artists of the 80's.  Aside from being a shojo comic artist, Po is a domestic husband who enjoys making desserts to delight his friends and family. 

Sunneko Lee

Les Miserables | Scarlet Letter | Jane Eyre

She is a talented artist who works in two worlds: comics, and animation. At an early age she made her professional debut as a comic strip artist before moving to character design and story board artist. Sunneko work for the Manga Classics project allows her to celebrate her passion for the comic arts. Lee’s artist alias, Sunneko, combines her love of cats and the warmth of the sun (Neko is cat in Japanese).

Nokman Poon

Great Expectation | Count of Monte Cristo

She says her greatest passion for drawing comics comes from the globally popular video arcade game Street Fighter. She says she was inspired to become an artist through Street Fighter. When she wasn’t playing the game (as a child) she would draw her favorite characters in fight scenes in order to quench her thirst of playing the game. Her years of training in comic of fighting genre gives her drawing a touch of firmness and crisp that rivals a male artist.  Nokman enjoys sampling cuisine from all over the world. 

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