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Manga Classics turns non-readers into readers by engaging them with cool graphics coupled with the classic story lines of Dickens, Hugo, and Kipling to keep their interest and give them the ability to discuss literature!

Sarah G., English Teacher

Clinton, New York

Manga Classics are a great resource that allow me to bring classic novels like Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo,” and “The Scarlet Letter” to life for all my students!

Michael Gianfrancesco, Teacher

North Providence, Rhode Island

My students are so excited about this book series! I cannot keep them on the library shelf. This book, in particular, is opening new worlds for readers--introducing them to one of the greatest classic stories and getting them excited to explore more. The accessible and fun format attracts them and the story hooks them!

Amanda Piscopo, School Librarian

Denver, Colorado

My students have absolutely loved the Manga Classics! It's rare these days to have kids coming to you asking for more works of classic literature.  I have had students retain more from a two-hour read of a Manga Classic than they have in a two-week read of a traditional classic.  They keep coming back for more, with some students reading three a week for enrichment!

Eric Kallenborn, English Teacher

Palos Heights, Illinois

The vivid imagery of Manga Classics increased retention rates and drew in my most reluctant readers! I'm thrilled to see my students reading by choice, and the fact that it is classic literature makes it even better.

Summer K., Teacher

St. Louis, Missouri

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