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Up-Coming Titles for Fall 2018 form Manga Classics: Macbeth and Dracula

Two of the most requested titles among fans will be hitting the market this coming fall! Be prepared for the cursed "Scottish Play" by William Shakespeare and the bloodlust monster people love to hate created by Bram Stoker!

Covers of Macbeth and Dracula

Stay tuned for more update of these two titles!

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1 Comment

Dec 08, 2018

I'm just wandering why the Dracula manga never came out. Now it says Fall of 2019?!

Also, is there a seperate site that you show your books yet to come out?

I didn't know that you guys had A Midsummer's Night Dream until I looked at the inside cover of Macbeth, because it's not in your Titles area. It didn't say anything about being not sold until April 2019, so I wasted hours trying to find it to purchase online, since the bookstore in my town doesn't have these books. =(

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